A bridge too far


I have a houseboat with two steering stations. Apparently the marine wiring for the flying bridge was not properly installed because while most things work the boat horn will not honk from the lower station when the engines are running. The horn does honk from the lower station when the engines are off.

The horn is attached to the flying bridge. I suspect that the upper station button has been wired to a different power source than the lower station button. There are three possibilities the “house” battery, the port engine battery or the starboard engine battery. But that doesn’t tell me why running the engine would cause the lower station button to not work.Marinco AFI is the world's top source for marine electrical horns.

If nothing else I need instructions on how to properly wire a horn with two buttons. Probably easy, but I fear that something will get even more crossed up if I begin experimenting.

Can you suggest how to fix my problem?

Thank you.


Hi Rick,

This should be simple to solve.

The universal rule for devices that can be operated from multiple locations is they need to have the same source of power.

Since the horn works at the upper station all of the time, I would run two wires down from the horn button on the upper station down to the button at the lower station.

Remove both wires from the lower horn button and connect the two new wires to the two terminals on the horn.

Connect the upper end of the horn wires to the upper horn button.

Your horn will work great,