Generator Generosity


At anchor, with my generator running, is my boat’s 30 amp hull inlet socket energized?

In other words, could I plug a shore power cord from a rafted off boat into my 30 amp inlet to run his air conditioning? The rafted off boat has no generator.

If it is possible, I suppose that the combined draw from two boats could overpower the generator, an 8k Onan. Other thoughts?

Also, since the shorepower cordset is not designed for boat to boat inlet sockets, I suppose the real question should be whether it is advisable to use an adapter and run the smaller boat to outlet socket on bigger boat by use of adapter.

Intuition suggests that could be problematic.


Hi Geoff,

If wired properly, the marine electrical inlet should not be energized when the generator is running to protect you and your generator.

If the cordset is plugged into an energized outlet, you will immediately burn up the voltage regulator and any other electronics on the generator. Your 8k is not designed to try to match the exact frequency and voltage of the power company.

If the cordset is plugged into an inlet that is energized by the generator, the exposed male plug on the end is an extreme shock hazzard.

If you really want to run another boat from your generator, the safest way would be to add an outlet like this one into your boat wiring to provide a true 30 amp outlet for another boat to plug into.

Hope this helps,