Live to tell the tale

Hi Kevin

I’m working on a 32 foot cruiser. I’ve rewired the whole boat and can’t get the DC side of the panel to work “lights or anything”.

I was wondering if the generator has to be on? Also shore power #2 isn’t working, #1 works fine and will run the AC side of the panel.

I’m stumped on the DC side though, it is strange to me if it’s not the generator. I’m kind of lost if you could please help? I need some.



Hi Barry,

Marine electrical DC power should have nothing to do with the generator.

Using a meter, start at the source of power, the battery, and make your way to the DC panel to find the problem. It is probably a bad ground connection or loose circuit breaker wire that is causing the problem with the boat wiring.

If you are not experienced with marine AC wiring, I would hire an electrician. It is easy to make a fatal mistake and then you wouldn’t be able to write back and tell me what was wrong…

Looking forward to hearing from you!